Bachata Online Classes

Not only since Corona are Salsa and Bachata Online Classes in high demand. But where can you find Bachata Online Course and which are the best ones?

In the following article you will find a selection of general bachata courses and some unique Bachata classes by famous Bachata artists.


Udemy offers a wide range of Bachata online classes. Depending on your taste, you can find courses for beginners or advanced. In my opinion, beginners benefit the most from the bachata courses on Udemy. The courses are often much cheaper than a local course. BUT, of course, you have to be up to it and enjoy following the instructions with your partner in front of a screen. In the current situation around Corona, a Bachata online course is not a bad choice.

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This Bachata online courses offers a great foundation. Whether you start from scratch or want to learn some advanced moves. You can book the courses as a complete package. In comparison, a beginner course lots of videos costs twice as much as a regular beginner course. My impression: Great if you like to learn by watching videos. And you can use the resources from the course again in the future. It's also useful if you want to teach yourself, as they give very good instructions.

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The Bachata class at The Dance Dojo is a full Bachata beginner course that gives you lifetime access. According to the reviews the teachers are very competent and full of knowledge. Their easy way of explaining helps the student a lot. This seems to be a great course, given that they already had over 9.000+ students.

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If you look for a affordable and quick Bachata Beginner Course, then this one might be for you. Currently for only 14,99 EUR, you will get 5 lessons covering the basics of what a Bachata beginner should know.

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They focus more on traditional styles but offer a 17-part Bachata Beginner Course. But, they only have a yearly membership for around 200 USD. That is quite expensive compared to Udemy and the rest. If you are a dance talent and want to learn a bunch of other dances too, this membership would be for you.

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If you already know Bachata and have some favourite artists you follow, make sure to check out the following dance courses. They are from some of the most reputable Bachata artists worldwide and vary in level.

Korke y Judith

Sara Panero (Ladies only) 

Pablo y Raquel

Carlos y Chloe

Ronald y Alba

Marco y Sara

Kike y Nahir

If you think we missed a really good Bachata Online Class or Course, make sure to let us know and we'll review.