Bachata Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced

You can find Bachata tutorials for beginners everywhere. But which ones are good and will get you started dancing Bachata? And which Bachata dance tutorials are also suitable for advanced dancers? Based on my experience and endless hunger for new content, I compiled my favourite tutorials for you.

Marius y Elena - Bachata Tutorials 

Marius and Elena from Romania started their dance careers in Salsa but quickly found their way to Bachata. As a qualified kindergarden teacher, Elena started teaching Bachata through an assistant role. Shortly after, she met Marius and the two had perfect chemistry from the start. With the aim of giving something back to the dance community, they started their YouTube channel. Now their usually very fun and engaging Bachata tutorials have become one of the main channels for bachata fans worldwide. I personally like their their flow, the instructions are straight forward and easy to follow as they dance figures usually from two sides. I promise they will make you 100% laugh! My favourite channel!

Bachata Dance Academy

Going from a complete Beginner to an Intermediate dancer in months instead of years? That's the mission of the Bachata Dance Academy. They have a good amount of free Bachata Tutorials on Youtube. If you like their style of teaching they also have online classes available for you. I like their clear instructions and the calm way of teaching. The background helps to see all instructions in action very clear. Definitely a good source for beginners.

Corina Tripold

Corina Tripold started dancing at the early age of 5. Even then she told her parents that she would become a dance teacher one day. No sooner said than done! Corina now has over 27 years of experience and training as a dancer and 11+ years as a full-time teacher.

A few years ago she also founded her own Salsa school near Salzburg. Why is she part of the list? Her YouTube channel has a lot of wonderful instructions and tutorials for Bachata. Especially exciting for women are the lady styling videos, which are great. Take a look!

Loga Dance School

Loga Dance School was founded in Satu Mare, Rumania, in 2007. They specialize in Ballroom, Standard, Latin and Salsa. Until now more than 4.000 people have found their passion dancing at their school. What I love about them is their message. Come to us, find new friends, experience a positive feeling, smile, be authentic, and show who you really are. That's something to stand behind. In one sentence: Dance represents you in all that you are!

Their teachers are experts and that also lead to opening up their YouTube channel. They have a wide variety of tutorials available. Maybe not the highest quality but you get what you came for. All in all, a great channel to get inspired, for Bachata and Salsa!

Kiko y Christina

Kiko and Christina are renowned Bachata artists from Spain/Germany, living in Basel. Their joint Bachata journey began in 2013 and gave them the chance to do workshops all around Europe. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, they now offer classes at their own KC dance studio.

What I adore is their sensual and very precise style of dancing. You can see that they connect on a deeper level and it doesn't surprise you to hear that they are happily married. Their YouTube channel has grown a lot in recent years and I have used a ton of their material for my own practices. I can't recommend them highly enough - especially if you are already an intermediate dancer!

If you think I am missing out on an amazing YouTube channel with Bachata turorials, feel free to contact me here

Now enjoy all this free content and start dancing!