Best Bachata Festivals in Europe 2021/2022

The best Bachata festival experience! You surely remember that moment. When you have already danced Bachata for a few months and are now about to attend your first Bachata Festival. But which one should you choose?

The following guide should give you an insight into the various festival calendars. And I will give you my personal TOP 5 festivals in Europe you should check out for the best Bachata festival experience.

Finding the Best Bachata Festivals 2021/2022

There are now many overviews and calendars for events and Bachata festivals. Still, some stand out due to their overview and number of events or their geographical focus depending on what you look for.

La Salsa del Baile focuses on Bachata, Salsa and Kizomba events in Spain but is limited in their number of events. Still, if you live in Spain, this is a good overview of what's going on in your latin dance neighbourhood.

Check out La Salsa del Baile HERE.

SABAKIZ is a good source for Bachata and latin events in Germany as well as European Latin festivals. They have quite a decent overview and as a German you also find a list of latin dance school on there.


Go Latin Dance is a great source for Bachata festivals in Australia, Canada and the US. The page also offers some latin festival discount codes to save money on our next festival booking.

Check out Go Latin Dance HERE.

Latin Dance Calendar is probably THE most complete and best overview for Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata festivals worldwide. I really like the simple overview of their calendar. You also get a discount code for nearly every event they publish, which is a nice addition to the huge amout of festival options.

Check out Latin Dance Calendar HERE.

You usally find all events on one of these pages. In addition to this, its always helpful to check the Facebook event section or some Latin FB groups in your city or country for the best and most up-to-date information on Bachata festivals, events and latin workshops.

Now, let's talk about some must-visit festivals around Europe. I am talking partly from experience and partly from talking to many many dancers across Europe who visited many events and who highlighted these specifically for different reasons.

Summer Sensual Days (Rovinj, Croatia)

This is by far the most anticipated Bachata festival I personally look forward to visit. I know a ton of people who went there the last days and only talk about it with big eyes and a smile in their face. Summer Sensual Days in Rovinj, Croatia, is a huge latin event for Bachata and Kizomba, putting thousands of dancers together in this beautiful little town next to the sea.

Beach, boat, pool, sunset and many other outdoor parties - their website description gives you an idea of what you can expect in Rovinj. So, pack your swimming trunks or bikini and off you go, to one of the coolest and most magical Bachata festivals in Europe.

Expect a ton of high-quality workshops, magic boat trips with DJ Khalid himself and a ton of new dance friends you will make during this time.

Atrevete Bachata Festival (Ljubliana, Slovenia)

Atreveta takes it place in this list mostly because it was my first Bachata festival I visited back in 2019. And I was more then pleasantly surprised. With artists like Azael & Maria Ángeles, Cornel y Rithika, Dario y Sara or Carlos y Chloe, the line-up was more than high-end! I had amazing and super fun workshops, met a lot of cool people and enjoyed the beautiful city of Ljubliana very much. With its historic city center, amazing food and residents speaking amazing English, this has been a more then pleasant trip. Especially for people who don't want to go to the really big festivals with thousands of dancers, something like Atreveta is a great first starting point to dive into the Bachata festival scene.

Bachaturo (Warsaw, Poland)

Bachata Day (Milan, Italy)

Sensual Week (Cádiz, Spain)