Best Bachata Playlists 2021

Pre-selected music playlists make it much easier for us to find good songs these days. Of course, this also applies to bachata and the gigantic selection of songs and albums on the market. From classics like Frank Reyes to all-time favourites like Romeo Santos and new stars like Pinto Picasso.
To make your search for great bachata playlists easier, here is my selection of the best bachata playlists 2021 on Spotify.

Bachatamania 2021

This is my own carefully selected Bachata playlist. It combines Bachata sensual music (70%) with some classic Dominican variations (30%). I go so far to say that this is one of the best Bachata playlists out there as it only included the absolute best and spot on songs out there.

Bachata Lovers

This is one of Spotify's pre-selected Playlists you can find when searching for Bachata. It includes the most well-known songs out there and is a good mix if you need some new input. They add new songs on a regular basis and it is always good for some surprises.

Bachata Sensual

A private Spotify Bachata Playlists selected by some Bachata fans. This one is all about Bachata Sensual which I prefer over Dominican Bachata music as it is too fast for Sensual dancers a lot of times. 

Bachata Remixes of Popular Songs

This Bachata playlist is pretty cool as someone collected all the different remixes of famous songs that have a Bachata cover available. The range of style and tempo is huge so you will definitely some surprising Bachata remixes in this Bachata playlist. My absolute favourite is the cover of Roxanne by Massimo Scalici. I can listen to that all day long. Pretty cool remix!

Bachata Mix 2021

This Bachata playlist is basically a type of charts playlist. So bascially what is currently danced around the world in the clubs and dance schools. The playlist is made by Filtr, a third party playlist service provider, and is pretty good.

Bachata Classics

If you are a fan of Dominican Bachata and the more traditional Bachata music, this playlist is your choice. You find old school favourites from Frank Reyes and co. but also Romeo Santos and others in there. A good choice if you want to mix things up and need some classics.

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