From the moment I first heard Bachata, it was actually a song from Romeo Santos, I immediately fell in love with this music, this rythm, this passionate flow and elegance. It was my first visit to the Dominican Republic, a trip I probably remember forever. After my return I started listening to Santos and other Bachata artists and it became a 24/7 playlist. Shortly after I started my first salsa lesson in my home town.

During that time I remember what a good friend told me: Practice is everything. So I started to visit social dance events in Berlin and Potsdam. At that time, May 2019, I learned the basic Bachata steps and got reminded, why I love this music so much. Salsa lessons quickly became Bachata lessons and now I am at a point where I nearly forgot everything I've learned in 1 year of Salsa - Bachata had taken over!


When it do something, I do it usually 110%. The same happened with Bachata. A friend of mine took me with her to the famous Soda Social Club in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in August 2019. A social dance event every Thursday & Sunday with different floors for Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba as well as suitable dance instructions with some great teachers.

I think I barely missed any Sunday at Soda until end of year. At peak times I went to 2 classes and 3 social parties a week and also visited with Ljubljana Atrevete Bachata Festival my first Bachata festival with amazing work shops from Azael & Maria Angeles, Cornel & Rithika and many more.


During that time I looked for cool Bachata shirts and couldn't find anything. There wasn't a one-stop location for a bigger selection nor were the designs and quality of quickly made shirts on Spreadshirt and co. very appealing. 

That's why I launched ICON DANCE, a shop for high quality dance shirts, starting with Bachata and hopefully expanding with other dance prints soon. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to get in touch via support@icondancewear.com or connect via my social media.

 I hope you guys find some joy in my shirt and crop top designs.

 - Clemens -